10.03.15the doors


I feel like my taste in design is constantly changing, loving one look last month and a different this month. That's pretty normal I suppose – it'd be like taking a kid to candy store and telling them they can only like one lolly… insane!

So while I might find myself drifting in and out of love with different styles, my design DNA is forever made up of a few key points. Some of these I've raved about in the past, some I'm still to share with you.

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01.02.15affordable art

6443936_9719284_pm Pinch and punch for the first day of the month!

I can't believe it's February already… I've been pretty slack on the ol' blog so far this year (soz!) but I've been pretty busy with some projects and room makeovers around the house. Currently, I'm sourcing some funky prints for various places around the house. There's an abundance of awesome artists, designers, typographers and photographers out there and it really would be possible to browse online for weeks, months even, to find the perfect piece for your place.

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18.12.14home office inspo


I can't really believe it's only a week until Christmas, eeek! I actually only put the tree up last weekend, which was a bit of a surprise to myself because I'm usually the type to jump at that sort of thing. I have however, been thinking about having some time off from work, and what sort of mischief I might get up to so I don't start the new year thinking 'well that was a total waste of holidays!'. 

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04.11.14Copper Calling

willow&eve | copper calling

It's no secret that copper is HOT in the world of design lately, but it is still pretty damn cool to see how designers and stylists are using this marvellous metal in new and exciting ways. While I'm not a fan of copper overload (such as 'The Copper Wall' from the latest season of The Block – hey, I don't need that much metal up in my grill), I do like me a little bit of copper. Pendants, desk accessories, candle holders, pots and mirrors are all perfect ways to introduce copper accents without challenging Ozzy Osbourne to the title of King of Heavy Metal.

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13.07.14Bone Inlay


Intriguing and intricate. Cast your eye over these exotic pieces of bone inlay furniture. Originating from India, inlay is an exceptional form of art that sees piece of bone (usually camel or buffalo) or mother of pearl inlaid into the timber furniture frame. The process of creating a single piece of inlay furniture can take weeks, as several craftsmen delicately hand carve each individual piece of bone. 

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15.06.14Inspiration Board

willow&eve inspiration board3

I've been wanting to make one of these inspiration boards for some time now. My own little collection of things that remind me why life is so great and why I do the things that I do. These boards are certainly not an original idea, but you can be as creative and original in your design as you like.

I collected a bunch of images that I love for whatever reason and started from there……

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