30.09.1610 Things I’m Glad I Did Before My Baby Arrived

So you see these lists floating around on pinterest all the time. "14 things to do before you give birth", "10 Things to do before your baby arrives". Well almost four months in to mummy hood, now that I can look back at those months before my life got turned upside down in the best possible way, here's my list of the top ten things I'm glad I did before I had my baby.


1. Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned
During my first trimester when I was curled up on the couch with a bucket by my side day in day out, when I was forced to drive around with a plastic bag on my lap due to the constant feeling of needing to hurl, I was well and truly convinced that "pregnant woman nesting" was an urban myth, a concept that most definitely belonged in a fantasy world. I honestly could barely manage to make it through a whole day at work, the thought of cleaning for hours on end seemed like the epitome of torture to me. Towards the end of my second trimester though, something changed. I no longer felt like I wanted to spew 24/7 and I had this sudden urge to clean. Could "nesting" actually be a real thing after all? Sure, I could hardly bend down to touch the floor but somehow (ok, with a lot of help from my mum) I managed to clean my way through (almost) every room of the house. It was definitely comforting knowing I'd be able to bring bub home to a clean, dust free home.

2. Caught up with friends
Girls' night out! So I barely lasted past 10pm and preferred dinner and a movie over dancing and bars, but I got out as much as I could and spent quality time with my gal pals. 

3. Shopped
And shopped and shopped. OK, so this might have been a bit selfish of me but lets face it, once bub arrives your days of being selfish are well and truly over. My favourite past time it would seem, in the last couple of months of my pregnancy were waddling around the shops or when that became too difficult, was letting my fingers do the shopping! Helloooo PayPal! To help keep the economy pumping, I bought:
- A few post maternity wardrobe items, things I could look forward to wearing once the (majority of) bump was gone
- Backups of my most used makeup items and toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner – A new pair of shoes, my first pair of Converse in fact – hello mummy wardrobe!
- A backup stash of household essentials such as toilet paper and tissues
- A big stash of baby essentials such as nappies and wipes
- Baby clothes up to size 00. We had been told we'd be having a big bubba so I didn't actually buy anything smaller than 000, but also made sure I had plenty of 00 clothing on hand. Bub ended up being smaller than expected so his 000 outfits swam on him for weeks! Regardless, 17 weeks into mummy hood and I still haven't had to buy any new baby clothes because as he outgrows a particular thing (like singlet suits or socks) I know I have the next size available and ready to go. What's that? You don't believe I haven't bought any baby clothes in the last 17 weeks? C'mon, I said I haven't needed to, not that I haven’t wanted to!

5. Pampered myself
During my pregnancy, I loved having massages to take away some of the aches and pain of my ailing body. If you are in Perth, I highly recommend pregnancy massages at both Limon Health and Beauty Spa in Leederville and Yummy Mummy Day Spa in Perth. 

I only had my hair done a few times during the nineish month of being up the duff, but one of those times was right at the end of pregnancy, in preparation for goodness knows how long of unkept hair. Turns out my waters broke 2 days after that hair appointment, how's that for timing!

6. Date night
Just the hubby and me (and bump) and a delicious dinner at one of my fave Italian restaurants. Just a shame I couldn’t indulge in their delicious strawberry caprioskas…

7. Organised the car
I highly recommend installing your car seat by about 34 weeks. Last thing I expected was for bub to arrive over 3 weeks early and I’m so glad hubby could spend every waking moment with us at the hospital instead of having to worry about fiddling with the car seat. In the pockets of the seat protector I made sure I had a stash of wipes, nappies and hand sanitiser – all of the nappy changing essentials in case I get caught out whilst out and about one day.

8. Cranked the car stereo
So a couple of Friday nights ago, I had a baby free night out for a friend's birthday. As I was driving to the meeting place, I suddenly got super excited at the thought of being able to have the car stereo up really, really loud again. I cranked the volume, pressed mode to flick on my Bluetooth and out blasted Incy Wincy Spider! #mumlife
I highly recommend making the most of the opportunity to play YOUR music at YOUR volume before the baby arrives and your Spotify becomes all about Jack and Jill, clapping your hands in you’re happy and the five little ducks who disobey their mum.

9. Rested
Binge watching TV shows counts as resting, right?

10. Made an effort with my appearance
As if I didn’t spend enough time in the bathroom peeing every 5 minutes of the night, I made a conscious effort to haul my mega belly out of bed every morning and make myself look somewhat presentable. I curled my hair, tried a new makeup look or spunked up an outfit with bangles and jewels and all those fancy things I knew I wouldn’t be wearing much once I became a mummy. It is so easy to start feeling a bit blergh about yourself when you haven’t brushed your hair in days, you don’t get out of your pjs until it’s time for bed the next night and your new fragrance is Eau de baby Poo/Spew. If you have any energy/motivation during pregnancy to tart yourself up, do it!




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