Monthly Archives: July 2013

21.07.13For the love of Chevron


Today on the blog, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite designs…. chevron! A simple little pattern, but I just love it :) Chevron is essentially a repeated inverted 'V' pattern, with quite a retro vibe to it. Although it was pretty popular back in the 70's and of course is making a huge come back of late, the pattern dates way back, with chevron being found in old stone carvings and other forms of artwork such as pottery.

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05.07.13A stroll around Melbourne City











I am the daughter of two Melbournians, but have never lived there myself. After my parents married, they moved to ‘God’s Land’ (that would be Perth according to my dad) where I was born and raised. All of mum’s family remain in Melbourne to this day so lucky for me, over the years I have had plenty of reasons to visit and people to stay with.

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