05.07.13A stroll around Melbourne City











I am the daughter of two Melbournians, but have never lived there myself. After my parents married, they moved to ‘God’s Land’ (that would be Perth according to my dad) where I was born and raised. All of mum’s family remain in Melbourne to this day so lucky for me, over the years I have had plenty of reasons to visit and people to stay with.

Sure, Melbourne never fails to disappoint when it comes to food, coffee, culture and theatre.. but here's a little taste of what else I have enjoyed on my most recent stroll around Melbourne City.

Architecture and Design

Old. New. Classic. Ugly. Clever. Stunning. Cathedrals. Vintage. Modern. Modular. Sky scrapers. Low rise. Handsome. Pretty much 99% confident that whatever you’re looking for, you could find it in Melbourne.

Federation Square alone is full of so many different textures and colours.. why couldn’t we have had access to something like this for our high school photography assignments back home?

Mlebourne2 Melbourne8 Melbourne6 melbourne1 Melbourne5 Melbourne3

















































































High Tea at Sofitel on Collins

Nom nom nom… a 3 tier stand of delicate finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones and petit fours. To wash it down? A welcome glass of champers and as much tea as your heart desires. Did I mention their tea menu alone was longer than some food menus I’ve seen? Wow.

My tip if you’re going to treat yourself to this $45 a head afternoon tea? Do NOT have lunch beforehand.












Image courtesy of Sofitel, edited by myself.



















I know, I know… a bit of a no brainer and one of those things I should have mentioned on my 'never fails to disappoint list'… but come on, what girl in her right mind can refuse a spot of shopping?

Sshhh.. don't tell my bank account, but while it wasn't looking, I send it a little cray cray at Illamasqua and of course paid (yeah, paid alright) a visit to its dear friend, Mecca.



















Phewf, what a jam packed day. Melbourne town, you have treated me well :)



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