01.02.15affordable art

6443936_9719284_pm Pinch and punch for the first day of the month!

I can't believe it's February already… I've been pretty slack on the ol' blog so far this year (soz!) but I've been pretty busy with some projects and room makeovers around the house. Currently, I'm sourcing some funky prints for various places around the house. There's an abundance of awesome artists, designers, typographers and photographers out there and it really would be possible to browse online for weeks, months even, to find the perfect piece for your place.

Tonight though, I thought I'd share a selection of art prints from Society 6 that have found their way in to my shopping trolley. Society 6 is an online gathering for artists from all around the world. They share their artwork with the online shoppers ike you and me, who can choose to purchase the art is just about any way they wish. Cushions, prints, tshirts, tote bags, phone covers, even shower curtains! It's affordable and supports the little independent guys and gals, and I like that.

Prints, from top to bottom:

'Abstract Three' by Elina Dahl
'Marianna' by Ruben Ireland'
'C11' by Georgiana Paraschiv
Chanel Ink by Jessica Brennan







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