13.07.14Bone Inlay


Intriguing and intricate. Cast your eye over these exotic pieces of bone inlay furniture. Originating from India, inlay is an exceptional form of art that sees piece of bone (usually camel or buffalo) or mother of pearl inlaid into the timber furniture frame. The process of creating a single piece of inlay furniture can take weeks, as several craftsmen delicately hand carve each individual piece of bone. 

bone-inlay-furniture f3f88242972235184a67315d83f8633c Coco Republic -  Product Shoot June 4+5+6, 2014 Bone inlay is making a kick ass come back of late, much to my delight. Ordinarily I would have said this style is far too intricate for my liking, but people change, tastes change and now I find myself thinking an inlay mirror or chest of drawers would be a very welcome guest in my home. There seems to be an abundance of designs on the market, and colour lovers will be happy to know many pieces are now filled with a coloured resin background, meaning you're sure to find something to suit your decor.

These coloured babies are available from the every wonderful fenton&fenton.

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If you're in the market for some bone inlay, try these place…


Zohi Interiors

Vavoom Emporium


Happy styling,

Josie x

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