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26.10.13Vanity styling with glitter jars

willow&eve || vanity styling with glitter jars

Mason jars are so hot right now – my love of them is no secret. I decided to get crafty this afternoon and glam up some jars to use around the house. Was so easy, here's what you'll need if you want to give it a try yourself.

  • Jars or vases
  • Glitter (I'm digging gold lately so went with that)
  • Glue (something that dries clear – I used Mod Podge which works brilliantly)
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Tape (if you want straight lines)

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12.10.13Spring time sea time

willow&eve || kaiteriteri5

Over the hill, down the windy road. Welcome to a little part of Mr Abel Tasman's greatest discovery.
The adventurer in me set out to explore this wonderful part of the world, tucked into the northern coastline of New Zealand's south island. This is Kaiteriteri. Golden sand meets clear bluey green water. I'm told this little spot is packed in the summertime and I can see why. This is the kind of place that reminds me of my childhood beachside holidays..You just can't help but smile, breathe in the fresh air and forget any worries you had prior to arriving.

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05.07.13A stroll around Melbourne City











I am the daughter of two Melbournians, but have never lived there myself. After my parents married, they moved to ‘God’s Land’ (that would be Perth according to my dad) where I was born and raised. All of mum’s family remain in Melbourne to this day so lucky for me, over the years I have had plenty of reasons to visit and people to stay with.

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15.06.13Flowering Kale – Too pretty to eat


When you think of kale, do you think of that leafy green cabbage like vegetable that you want to like because it's so healthy, yet you can't because it's just so… unappealing? Well boring it is no more! There are many varieties of kale that are grown for their beautiful ornamental leaves. Think vibrant pink, lavender, red, blue and violet and brilliant white and cream.