10.10.16diy: succulent jars

willow+eve / succulents

If there's one thing I know when it comes to gardening, it is that my thumb is far from green. Very, very far from green.

Whilst I can dream of perfectly manicured garden worthy of a spread in Veranda, there's about as much chance of me achieving that as there is in me appearing in Sports Illustrated. 

Succulents however, appear to be my friend. Not only are they bang on trend, they are really hard to kill. I might even go so far as to say impossible, but that just ain't true. So as my collection of empty candle jars (more on that obsession of mine another day) grows by the week, I've started coming up with fun and funky ways to up cycle them, like making mini succulent gardens.

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For this easy peasy DIY, you will need:

  • Empty candle jars / pots / cans / vases…. whatever you like
  • Succulents. You can usually buy mini pots from Bunnings, otherwise buy a bigger pot and break it in to smaller chunks. Succulents are hardy and can take a bit of a bashing.
  • Mini rocks
  • Horticultural Charcoal
  • Cacti / Succulent potting mix
  • A thumb, doesn't even have to be green

Start off by putting a layer of little rocks at the bottom of your jar. This creates somewhere for the water to drain. If you're using a pot with drain holes at the bottom, this step probably isn't necessary. Next up, add a layer of charcoal. The charcoal helps to prevent rotting and assists with drainage. The next layer is the potting mix, finished with succulents of your choice. Voila!

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Now, caring for your succulent…. Take my advise at your own risk, I have warned you of my anti-green thumb, remember? Succulents can be kept indoors or outdoors (I have both) and like to have a bit of sunshine. The pot by my front door gets a couple of hours of direct morning sun and my indoor babies get a few hours of filtered light throughout the day – both seem to be surviving! I give them a light watering once a week and they seem to like that too :)

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam willow+eve / succulents



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