15.06.13Flowering Kale – Too pretty to eat


When you think of kale, do you think of that leafy green cabbage like vegetable that you want to like because it's so healthy, yet you can't because it's just so… unappealing? Well boring it is no more! There are many varieties of kale that are grown for their beautiful ornamental leaves. Think vibrant pink, lavender, red, blue and violet and brilliant white and cream. 

When the central leaves of the kale are exposed to several nights of temperatures below 10 degrees, they will lose chlorophyll [insert definition for those who have forgotten high school science like I had: the green pigment found in bacteria and cells of algae and plants] and the result in these beautiful 'flowers'.

Here's a little bouquet I designed, featuring just kale and roses, as a gift for a special friend…. who would have thought that boring veggie could look so good?

kale6 kale5 kale4 kale2





































































Funny thing is, these flowers are edible because at the end of the day they are just a pretty vegetable. Somehow I think I will continue to favour my kale as a feast for my eyes rather than my belly.






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