15.06.14Inspiration Board

willow&eve inspiration board3

I've been wanting to make one of these inspiration boards for some time now. My own little collection of things that remind me why life is so great and why I do the things that I do. These boards are certainly not an original idea, but you can be as creative and original in your design as you like.

I collected a bunch of images that I love for whatever reason and started from there……

willow&eve inspirationboard2 willow&eve inspiration board1

My images were a mixture of pinterest finds, gold foil prints I'd bought and my own personal photos. I used this great app, Picture Postie, to have the images printed to look like polaroid snaps. If you're not familiar with Picture Postie you need to check them out. You can select images from your instagram, photo gallery, facebook, wherever… select the size and finish you want for each picture, pay with PayPal and a few days later they are delivered to your doorstep. I did all this from the comfort of my bed one night!

willow&eve inspiration board4

willow&eve inspiration board15 willow&eve inspiration board13 willow&eve inspiration board12 willow&eve inspiration board7

I added some dimension to my board by using a combination of acrylic pins, tiny wooden pegs and some gold glitter tape that I am mildly obsessed with. I also added a few collectables that hold a special place in my heart including some charms my sister had given me before I moved overseas last year, a handmade name tag made by a very talented friend I met during my time in Christchurch, a silk flower I had worn on a very special day and of course some faux flowers.

willow&eve inspiration board5 willow&eve inspiration board14


willow&eve inspiration board10 willow&eve inspiration board11


  • Blank pin board, wooden pegs and acrylic pins from kikki k
  • 'Just Start' and 'get it girl' prints from Charm & Gumption on Etsy
  • Gold glitter tape, Zebra gold foil print and Lips prints from Miss Poppy Design


Josie x

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