20.11.13Interior Spotlight: Scandinavian Styling


Seems the latest trend in interior styling, taking over my Pinterest account one black and white cushion at a time, is all about Nordic.

Black and white feature heavily in Scandinavian styling, as does grey and occasional cameos by shades of blue and the green of a pot plant..

Nordic1 Nordic20 Nordic21

To create your own Scandinavian space, here's a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Don't bother going carpet shopping. True Scandinavian homes are all about light wooden floors, even in the bedrooms.
  • Let there be light! If dark and moody is your thing, you'll have trouble living in a Nordic space as they always have an abundance of light.
  • You better like wood. Show it off! I've even read about people using a grey oil to take the 'yellow' out of some woods – staying utterly loyal to the black/white/grey colour scheme.
  • Scale back on those accessories – you'll need to show some constraint in this department.
  • Oh, wouldn't hurt if you liked crosses too.

Nordic22 Nordic23 Nordic25 Nordic10


Now, where's the closest IKEA?


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