01.07.13Keeping your (drinks) cool

6 When it comes to entertaining and parties, I love to use drink dispensers. They look great and your guests can help themselves as they please.. what's not to love?

One of the challenges posed when using drink dispensers is figuring out how to keep the drinks cold over several hours. The first time I entertained with drink dispensers, I popped down to the local bottle-o for my trusty $3 bag of ice and poured half of it in the dispenser. Sure, the thought was there but after a while instead of tasty iced tea, I ended up with a diluted disaster :(

Needless to say, I now make my own iceblocks, using flavours from the drink itself so that as they melt, they don't dilute the rest of the drink. I like to include pieces of fruit or herbs in my blocks, if suited to the drink. It adds extra flavour and of course helps things look even more amazing.

I usually make my iceblocks in a simple muffin tray, they make bigger blocks so they stay frozen longer and the holes are the perfect size for pieces of fruit.
Now it may have been a while since I studied high school chemistry, but even I remember alcohol has a low freezing point, so best to leave that out I say – just use part of the non alcoholic mixer.
So that's it! A simple, fuss free way guaranteed to keep your drinks cool so you're free to enjoy the part-ay :)
Josie x


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