11.06.13Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio



When I saw Goss Makeup Artist talk about this portfolio in one of his videos, I knew within about one tenth of a millisecond that I needed one in my life. Here's why:

  • I love to travel, whether it be just going on a road trip for the weekend or somewhere further abroad for an overseas holiday.
  • I am mildly obsessed with makeup and beauty products. Some girls collect shoes, I collect makeup.
  • When I travel, I take way too much makeup and have never had a nice neat way of transporting it… until now.

It's a pricey little number – $98 USD from the Laura Mercier site – www.lauramercier.com (I used a shipping service to buy it for me and get it to Australia) yet somehow I knew that the use I would get out of this would mean it would pay for itself many times over.

The case has a hard outside shell, to help protect all of your goodies inside from getting damaged in travel. Inside lies 4 zippered mesh bags, and a double sided brush flap – all of which are removable. The mesh bags (1 small, 2 medium and 1 large) are held in by magnets – genius, so much cleaner than velcro! The double sided flap can easily be removed as desired by simply unzipping.

The portfolio also comes with 1 x 6 pan refillable Laura Mercier palette and 1 x 3 pan refillable Laura Mercier palette.

lm1 lm2 lm4



















































I filled the portfolio with some of my most used products to get an idea as to just how much it holds. I must say, pretty impressive. I love that it makes my products easy to access and well organised. I also like that it will be easy to keep clean as the compartments can be removed for cleaning and the interior fabric appears to be a wipe down synthetic material.

lm10 lm6






























It does however have its limitations. The particular foundation I am loving at the moment comes in a round glass jar, which isn't the best fit in this portfolio. Also, only one side of the brush flap is divided into clear brush compartments, the other is one big pocket that I feel would be more suitable to larger eyeshadow palettes as brushes seem to slide around and slip out easily from this side. With this in mind, it then only leaves room for 8 brushes (2 large/face and 6 narrower/eye and lip). While I could make this work if I had to (or even put brushes in one of the mesh bags), if I'm going to be realistic, on my upcoming trip I will be travelling with a lot more than 8 brushes…. but hey, that's another post for another time :)

All in all, no regrets with my purchase. I can see my portfolio getting a lot of use in the years to come :)



































5 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio

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  2. cassie


    I have been trying to buy this makeup bag in australia! Can you tell me how you got it shipped here please? As on the LM site it seems to only ship to US.


    1. willow&eve Post author

      Hi Cassie,

      I use a shipping service for my US purchases, hopshopgo.com is my favourite. You set up a US ‘address’ for goods to be send to (most sites tend to offer free postage within the US) and then once it arrives you just pay for the international shipping!

      Josie x


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