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I've just come back from a few glorious days in what would have to be one of the most stunning places on earth, Queenstown. Somehow though, amongst all that beautiful sunshine, I managed to catch a cold. My head is now somewhere between a state of dizziness and floating in the clouds and I've struggled enough trying to attach these photos, so I'm not going to attempt to say too much about my time in Queenstown.

What I will say though, is that if you're lacking inspiration, maybe Queenstown in the place for you. It's hard not to be inspired by the fresh air, pristine scenery, colour - oh so much colour!, artwork made entirely of jelly beans, funky stores and restaurants, delicious food, endless adrenaline injecting activities, markets full of beautifully handcrafted goodies, the sight of those Remarkable mountains, stories of fun an frivolity and of course the bluest water you're ever likely to see.

Queenstown – I will be back!

willow&eve || Queenstown18 willow&eve || Queenstown14 willow&eve || Queenstown19 willow&eve || Queenstown15 willow&eve || Queenstown11 willow&eve || Queenstown13 willow&eve || Queenstown12 willow&eve || Queenstown9 willow&eve || Queenstown10 willow&eve || Queenstown5 willow&eve || Queenstown2 willow&eve || Queenstown1 willow&eve || Queenstown8 willow&eve || Queenstown4 willow&eve || Queenstown6 willow&eve || Queenstown3 willow&eve || Queenstown7 willow&eve || Queenstown16 willow&eve || Queenstown20 willow&eve || Queenstown21

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