04.06.13Raise your glasses!




Sometimes it's the little things that can make the biggest difference. Next time you're having a part-ay, think outside the square a bit and consider doing things a little bit differently to give your event the wow factor. Attention to detail goes a long way.

Here's an idea of something you could focus on – and it's something that can be found in the hand of almost every guest… glassware.

Plastic cups are easy yes, or maybe you're the type to scrounge up every glass and mug in your house, leaving you with a mish mash of glassware… messy!

There are so many funky and fancy glasses out there and you don't even have to fork out the big bucks to buy them when hire companies can be found at the click of a finger (a lot even offer a delivery and pickup service AND don't require you to wash the glasses after use…winning!). 

If you are considering buying some glasses, let me share a couple of my favourites you too may like.

Vintage milk bottles and mason jars.

drinks2 drinks3 drinks6 drinks5 drinks4




















































































































Effective aren't they? Different glasses to suit different occassions. Something to consider for your next event, no matter how big or small.


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