12.10.13Spring time sea time

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Over the hill, down the windy road. Welcome to a little part of Mr Abel Tasman's greatest discovery.
The adventurer in me set out to explore this wonderful part of the world, tucked into the northern coastline of New Zealand's south island. This is Kaiteriteri. Golden sand meets clear bluey green water. I'm told this little spot is packed in the summertime and I can see why. This is the kind of place that reminds me of my childhood beachside holidays..You just can't help but smile, breathe in the fresh air and forget any worries you had prior to arriving.

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She sells sea shells by the sea shore…

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Another twenty minutes away, another little hidden gem. Mapua Wharf is home to a delightful collection of galleries, restaurants, shops, bars and cafes.  

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I met Tara, the horse made out of horseshoes…

willow&eve || mapua4 willow&eve || mapua5 willow&eve || mapua6 willow&eve || mapua9 willow&eve || kaiteriteri18

… and of course finished the day with a delicious pineapple icypole.

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"Take nothing but memories.. leave nothing but footprints"



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