26.10.16101 in 1001 becomes 90 in 427

1 574 days have passed since I made my 101 in 1001 list. I wish I could say I have achieved more than I have, but only 11 lonely items have been crossed off my list.​


Here's my original list. I wonder how many I will be able to cross off after our upcoming trip to New York?!


  1. Reconnect with meditation and make it a regular part of my life
  2. Treat myself to a weekly massage for 6 weeks straight
  3. Do a gym group fitness class twice a week for 3 months straight
  4. Complete a C25K (couch to 5K running program)
  5. Play a casual game of tennis
  6. Lose 10kg
  7. Eat a plant based diet only for one week
  8. Complete a 30 days squat challenge
  9. Complete a 30 day crunch challenge
  10. Complete a 30 day stretch challenge
  11. Keep a food diary for two weeks
  12. Go to the dentist
  13. Take my sister out for a mani and pedi, my treat
  14. Learn 5 new hairstyles and go a whole work week rocking a new look each day 
  15. Get another piercing
  16. Explore Chinese Medicine 
  17. Try a new hair colour/cut/style
  18. Get up at 5am everyday for a week and do morning exercise before work
  19. Treat myself to a full day at a day spa
  20. Drink nothing but water for a week
  21. Maintain painted nails for a whole month
  22. Have my teeth whitened
  23. Invest in a good set of makeup brushes
  24. Do a weekly face mask for 2 months straight
  25. Master a new makeup look
  26. Visit three cities I've never been to [Dubai]
  27. Travel to two new countries [United Arab Emirates, Zambia]
  28. Go camping
  29. Enjoy a nice long lunch back at the venue of my wedding ceremony
  30. Visit family on the east coast
  31. Go back to NZ for a visit
  32. Have a night of luxury at Crown, just because
  33. Go whale watching
  34. Ride my bike around Rottnest Island
  35. Invest in a new MacBook Air
  36. Upgrade my tablet, load it with blogging tools and use it for more than just browsing facebook and pinterest
  37. Do a blogging course or attend a blogging seminar
  38. Update my blog layout, logo and branding
  39. Start a weekly series on the blog
  40. Collaborate with another blogger on a post
  41. Spring clean my email. All 6 accounts
  42. Become more social in the blogging/social media world
  43. Complete a 'room makeover' blog entry
  44. Take a photography class and really start using my DSLR properly
  45. Learn Adobe Illustrator
  46. Publish 4 different "DIY" entries on my blog
  47. Tidy up my Pinterest Boards
  48. Publish a monthly blog update about the things from this list that I've completed that month
  49. Comment on 50 strangers' blogs
  50. Do my weekly fruit and veg shopping from the markets for 2 months straight. Support local. East fresh. Hoping this becomes a lifelong habit. No more convenience of the supermarket. 
  51. Completely overhaul my wardrobe
  52. Read 10 new books
  53. Save $20 for each task completed
  54. Send someone I care about flowers, just because
  55. Host a dinner party
  56. Buy and style a bar cart
  57. Pick my own berries at a berry farm
  58. Plant a veggie garden
  59. Go to 5 concerts/gigs/stage shows [Ed Sheeran, Backstreet Boys, Cirque du Soleil]
  60. Have a picnic at Kings Park
  61. See 3 outdoor movies
  62. Plan a surprise for a loved one
  63. Plant a potted herb garden
  64. Enjoy a High Tea in a 5 star hotel
  65. Find and buy a gorgeous armchair for my living room
  66. Have a movie night /sleepover on the living room floor, just like when I was a kid
  67. Expand my investment portfolio
  68. Have fish and chips on the beach, watching the sunset
  69. Take an early morning hike in the hills to watch the sunrise
  70. Buy a Hermes Avalon Blanket
  71. Cook/bake 10 different recipes from my Pinterest food + drink board
  72. Buy a handbag with colour (no black, cream, grey)
  73. Make a gingerbread house
  74. Completely unplug for a whole weekend 
  75. Reconnect with an old friend
  76. Make a new friend
  77. Subscribe to one of my favourite magazines
  78. Do my own Ikea furniture hack
  79. Bake a loaf of fresh bread
  80. Have Dim Sum in Chinatown
  81. Go ten-pin bowling
  82. Send my brother in the US an Aussie care package
  83. See a movie by myself
  84. See a movie at the drive in cinema
  85. Swim with dolphins
  86. Put aside $50 per month just for me, then go on a shopping spree on the 1001th day
  87. Document one month of my life in photos
  88. Compile a memory book
  89. Have a dinner by candlelight
  90. Complete a First Aid Course
  91. Take my Dad out for lunch, just the two of us
  92. Take my mum out for a movie and afternoon tea, just the two of us
  93. Toast marshmallows in an open fire
  94. Keep trying new foods until I find one that becomes a new favourite
  95. Try 10 new restaurants
  96. Send handwritten Christmas cards one year
  97. Inspire someone else to write a 101 in 1001 list
  98. Clean out spare/junk room at home
  99. Challenge my fear of heights
  100. Watch ten David Attenborough documentaries
  101. Prepare a new 101 in 1001 list, to start when this one finishes!


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