27.05.13Vinoti Living – an unexpected surprise.


On a recent trip to Bali (a.k.a. trusty holiday destination for many a West Australian) I was walking back to the villa when I stumbled across something I didn't really expect to see in Bali – an absolutely stunning homewares store filled with beautiful, quality furniture and homewares. I know what you're thinking, buddha head statues and wood carvings… but no, none of that here folks. The quality and presentation of this store was on par with any good homewares store I would enjoy browsing in back home. It was a visual feast to my slightly crossed after one too many KuDeTa cocktail eyes.

Right, the name of this place before I ramble on too much longer… Vinoti Living. Going strong for over a decade now, Vinoti is a chain of furniture and home decor stores that has grown to become one of the leaders of its type in Indonesia. Dark, rich wooden furniture, lush sofas and eye catching accents and accessories are Vinoti's signature. I wanted to buy the whole shop. Seriously. My urge to do so though wasn't exactly a particulary feasible one, so I settled for a beautiful scented candle (I am obsessed with home fragrance, but that's another story for another time) and room spray. 

So why am I so obsessed? Maybe it's the inspirational daily quotes they post on their facebook page (which I strongly suggest you check out), maybe it's the sight of one of those inviting daybeds that makes me daydream about curling up in the sun with a good book before an afternoon nap. Whatever it is, it's enough to light that fire in my belly, the one that gets me excited and burning with motivation to create beautiful interiors.

Anything that lights that belly fire is a-ok with me.


Josie x








*All images courtesy of Vinoti Living.

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