5 packing tips for your summer holiday

5 packing tips for your summer holiday

We’ve all read about the delays and baggage dilemmas travellers have been facing lately so packing well, & where possible packing hand luggage only, is the best option to help minimise stress before you travel.


Less is definitely more when it comes to the art of packing so here are my top 5 tips to help you pack for your next summer get away!


1) Outfit Build – before I go away, I plan my outfits, lay them on the bed and take a photo of them. Think breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This may sound very time consuming and unnecessary but it definitely saves time in the long run and eases any stress about ‘what to wear’ when you’re there.

It also prevents you from throwing any items in last minute ‘just in case’; which may send you over any luggage weight restrictions!


2) Take 4 to 5 pairs of footwear…. Trainers to travel, flip flops for the pool, comfy sandals for sightseeing and glam sandals for sunset cocktails! The 5th pair? I usually take 2 pairs of flipflops, one in a neutral metallic and one bright pair to compliment my swimwear!


3) 3 Bags only 1-a crossbody travel bag/use for sightseeing or daytrips and on the plane; 2-an evening clutch- I have a woven fabric fold over clutch so it’s not a hard case which takes up more room in the suitcase. 3-I also take either a straw basket or woven beach bag…. think the Dior fabric tote….and that’s it!


4) Pack space saving scarves….as they have multiple uses! Use to accessorise in the normal way around the neck or shoulders; use as belts, tied to brighten up bags or baskets; or use as hairbands or turbans.


5) ‘I know what you did last summer’! Well maybe not from the last couple of summers but look through your holiday photos from when you did manage to get away and see which outfits/looks you liked best. You never know you may find inspiration from your own wardrobe!

If you need to add to your summer wardrobe consider buying Preloved and enjoy your getaway!