Willow & Eve Wardrobe tips to buy better this Christmas & New Year!

Willow & Eve Wardrobe tips to buy better this Christmas & New Year!

As we approach the festive season you may want to buy something new to refresh your wardrobe for a party invite, Christmas works do or as hostess on the big day. Also, as we approach the New Year, you may be tempted by the January sales!

Whilst we don’t want to be bah humbug about the festivities, we know that last minute purchases, panic buying or a sales splurge can result in having redundant items in your wardrobe that you never wear!

So here are our wardrobe tips to buy better this Christmas & New Year!

 Remember your wardrobe tells you all you need to know by;

1) the items you’ve never worn,

2) the items that are worn out,

3) the items you’d forgotten you had,

4) the items that you have several of.

Let your wardrobe tell you why you’ve never worn something, what you need to replace, when you need to outfit build etc. so you buy more of what you really wear!

“Don’t feast on fast fashion, savour slow style instead”

Karen Skagerlind.

A quote I penned when I wanted an analogy of how we buy clothes.

It also reminds me of Vivienne Westwood’s quote,

“Buy Less, Choose well, Make it last”.

So, buy what you love or the best you can afford.

Buy more of what you wear day to day and spend more on a bag, watch, shoes, signature jewellery; items you’ll wear and use all the time. The investment will be worth it.

 I also believe that if you buy something new but don’t wear it after two weeks then you should take it back regardless. I’m not talking evening wear or special occasion outfits but about your everyday uniform; the building blocks of your wardrobe that you’ll wear on rotation. We see a lot of clothes consigned in store still with labels on, that weren’t returned within the returns period.


Don’t be tempted by sale bargains. Ask yourself if money was no object would you pay full price for it? I often put sale alerts on items I’ve liked scrolling online. If I don’t visit the site again after a couple of days then I know I don’t really need or love the item enough to purchase.

Try on before you buy! Here at Willow & Eve we encourage customers to try on before purchasing so we know they’re happy & not making a preloved fashion mistake.


Make sure you’re in the mood for a fitting room session because you’ll save time & money in the long run. Most of redundant items in our wardrobe are because of poor fit so try and get it right at the time of buying.


Think proportions. Not everyone is a standard size and not every brand measure the same. Ignore the numbers on the label and try on, buy what fits; or if you struggle to buy off the peg then find an affordable alterations service.


 Think of your wardrobe like prime real estate. Does each item in your wardrobe deserve to be there? Is it working hard enough to pay the rent?  Or is it squatting?


 Buying jeans requires more time & effort; you need to try a lot of different brands on before you find the perfect pair for you!


As we mature try to wear lighter colours next to your face; dark tones can make the skin look dull and emphasise dark shadows. Metallics help bounce light towards your face and certain shades, held up to your face, will make your eyes brighten and skin glow. So, play around to see what shades might suit you.


 Will the item you’re thinking of buying work with the rest of your wardrobe? If you can visualize three outfits then you’re unlikely to regret buying it!


We hope this has been an informative post and that you’ll keep some of the tips in mind when next out shopping. Otherwise we may see you in the New Year with some items to consign!


All the team at Willow & Eve wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year for 2023!

Love Yvette & Karen xx