Occasion wear; why you should resell ASAP and buy preloved to save you money!

Occasion wear; why you should resell ASAP and buy preloved to save you money!

Do you have a mother of the bride outfit sitting in your wardrobe wondering what you’re going to do with it? Or a race day outfit that you wore a few years ago or even a wedding guest dress that you’ve only had occasion to wear twice?

We bet, from our experience, that you’ll probably never wear them again and the reason you’ve kept them is the belief you will, the guilt of how much you spent on them or the fact your shape has changed and they no longer fit you.

Even if it does fit, you probably won't wear it again because the same family & friendship groups are likely to be at the next function. If you’re top table at a family wedding there will also be that photo album printed for all to see; or your next invite may fall into a different seasonal time of the year altogether.


Here at Willow & Eve we can help by reselling those items on your behalf so you can spend any

monies earnt on your ‘new to you’ occasion outfit! If you have spent a lot of money on an outfit then do consider consigning or reselling them quite soon after the event, as it’s the best option to recoup some of your spend.

Willow & Eve consign occasion wear from March, with a focus on bridal party and race day outfits and accessories. We turn away those outfits older than 4 years because they can look dated because of the cut, fabric or fastenings. Remember the older the item the less commercial it becomes and the chance to get the best possible price diminishes, as clothes depreciate rapidly with changing fashions.

We are now in June and well into the ‘Season’ which runs from April until August. Traditionally ‘The Social Season’ was the period in Spring and Summer when the British Elite held prestigious events including the Test Match at Lords, Henley Royal Regatta, Royal Ascot and Wimbledon as well as Glorious Goodwood.

So, whilst you no longer have to be a member of the landed gentry to attend these special events, you may still have a reason to adhere to a more formal dress code. Over the coming months you might have an influx of wedding invites, with August being the most popular month in the UK to get married; another excuse to buy an occasion outfit!


However, remember, those special occasions are just that ……occasional! The majority of women spend a lot more on those outfits than they do on their daily uniform. This is where buying Preloved occasion wear is the more affordable option, saving you up to hundreds of pounds if you fall in love with something preowned.

 If you are buying preloved occasion wear here are a few tips to consider. We see expensive full price purchases being made last minute or in a panic if customers haven’t already found their perfect outfit which is why we suggest searching up to 3 months prior to the date required.

We also ask if there is a dress code; for sporting occasions like Ascot & Goodwood you can find all you need to know on their websites:



And as for hats and hatinators we have a few beautiful styles to choose from; so if you’re thinking of getting headwear then read style trends and etiquette beforehand.


So, when it comes to occasion wear remember resell and get it into the preloved market as soon as possible and consider buying preloved for your next special occasion outfit to save you money!

Browse our occasion wear offer at willowandeve.com and read our ‘Sell with us’ page for more information.


Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash